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Speaking Topics...

Mary is a popular speaker who communicates with enthusiasm, humor, and passion, and is available to speak at your special event. Her extraordinary life and ministry experiences have equipped her to grasp the unique needs of women of all ages.  She can develop messages to fit your event theme and format that will speak to the listeners heart.

Mary's Heart
Have you ever pondered the heart of Mary, the mother of Jesus? Take a peak inside Mary's heart and discover why she was the perfect choice for the mission Jehovah had planned for her and why we should follow her example in preparing ourselves to be pleasing to the Savior.

Divine Design
God designed every woman with a unique purpose in mind.  You? Yes, you!  Be all that He wants you to be through your unique design, your personal design, your tasteful design, and your fearless design.  These four messages are ideal for a retreat setting.

Molded by the Master
Do you feel like your life was shaped by other people and circumstances beyond your control? Mary shares how God used a troubled childhood to bring her to faith in Christ and, ultimately, into full-time Christian service. As Mary incorporates a unique object lesson, you will discover how God desires to mold your future for His service, regardless of your past!

W.O.W. - Winning Our Walk
These messages are designed to equip women to undertake and win any battle in their lives. 
A Walk Worth Winning - Life can be discouraging and our battles may seem overwhelming, but God wants to show Himself victorious in every woman's life.  Your personal walk through life is worth winning!
Walking in the Battle -  Every woman needs to know how to P.A.C.E. herself for the battles in her life!  Preparation, Accountability, Character development, and Engaging in the battle.
Walking in Victory -  Winning a battle doesn't mean that the war is over.  Walking in victory is a life-long process, but well worth the rewards.

Keeping Your Passion Alive
Take a look at the life of Joseph from a unique perspective.  Discover how to keep your passion alive and your purpose clear from the life of a lonely rejected boy who rose to be one of the most powerful men in the world.